The Benefits of a Collapsible Rigid Box

The collapsible rigid boxes is a foldable hardcover paper/cardboard box which can be stored as a flat pack to save storage space. Our collapsible rigid boxes have many great benefits and is ideal for the following applications and product packaging solutions:

Collapsible Rigid Box Applications

• Reduces Damage – These hard cover boxes will protect and safeguard products from damage.
• Easy to assemble – The box has a folding component which is quick and simple to assemble.
• Space saving – The collapsible rigid box is a foldable box; this allows retailers to purchase large quantities in a flat pack box packaging container. Depending on the product, retailers can either pre-pack products and then display, or boxes can be assembled at point of sale by offering a premium gift packaging service for high end products.
• Brand Image – Promotes and enhances an exclusive high-quality product brand for the ultimate customer experience.
• Premium and Designer Brands – Our collapsible rigid box is ideal for high quality luxury, premium and designer product packaging.
• Cost effective – We manufacture and store large quantities of pre-cut collapsible rigid boxes in a range of sizes, this allows us to then custom design the outer cover to your customised design specifications. This process ensures we can provide a cost-effective solution for premium box packaging.
• Creative Designs Options – Our print and cloth wrap applications provides a durable and high-quality finish that delivers premium design solutions.
• High Quality Design – We are experienced manufactures with high quality manufacturing standards. Our clients can be assured of the highest quality in manufacturing design and finishes.
• Range of Sizes – Our collapsible rigid boxes come in a range of sizes, the smaller boxes start from 60 x 110 x 50 and the large boxes up to 250 x 250 x 110. Please note we can also manufacture to your size specifications.

Collapsible Rigid Box Products Packaging

Design & Pack provide exclusive hard cover gift box packaging at its best, we can design collapsible rigid boxes for a range of luxury and premium products. If you are looking for exquisite and exclusive product presentation and gift packaging that will enhance product sales, we are experienced manufacturers who will work with you and your design specifications from initial concept to final design and delivery.

We have listed a few product categories we can work with:

• Premium Wine & Spirits Gift Packaging
• Quality Chocolate-Box packaging
• Gourmet & Fine Food Box packaging
• Designer Retail Brand Packaging
• Designer Watches and Gift Clocks
• Precious and Fine Jewellery Box Packaging
• Gourmet Bottled Preserves, sauces, Jams, chutneys etc
• Gourmet Hampers for Christmas and special events
• Corporate Gift Box Packaging & Product Give-ways.
• Designer Clothing – Girt Boxes
• Custom Branded Candle Boxes
• Custom Retail Branded Product Boxes